Ary Muladi gets five years
for attempted bribery


The Corruption Court on Tuesday sentenced Ary Muladi to five years in prison for his attempt to bribe Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) leaders at the behest of graft convict Anggodo Widjojo.

“Ary conspired with Anggodo to commit corruption,” presiding judge Nani Indrawati said, reading out the verdict.

“We sentence Ary to five years in prison and oblige him to pay Rp 250 million [US$29,366] in fines or serve an additional six months in prison.”

The prison term was what prosecutors sought, but the fine was higher.

Indrawati said Ary deserved the prison term as he discredited the KPK when he testified that he had given a bribe of Rp 5.1 billion to a certain KPK official named Yulianto, who he said would give the money to KPK deputy chairmen Ade Rahardja and Chandra M Hamzah.

The bribe was to entice the KPK to stall its investigation into graft allegations surrounding Anggodo’s brother, Anggoro Widjojo, including in a communication system tender at the Forestry Ministry in 2007.

However, Ary failed to prove that Yulianto received the money.

KPK investigators looking into his claims found no KPK official named Yulianto, leading to suspicion that Ary may have given false testimony.

“Thus we are left with no choice but to believe that there was no person by the name of Yulianto. Therefore the court can only prove two things, that Ary Muladi attempted to bribe KPK officials and that he did not know of Yulianto’s whereabouts, which defamed the KPK as law enforcement institution,” Indrawati added.

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