ASEAN Health Ministers
to promote Dengue Day

For the first time ASEAN health ministers will launch ASEAN Dengue Day on June 15 in Jakarta.

Indonesian Health Minister Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih said Friday that the region had set a collective target for combating the disease.

“Geographically, the region is a place where dengue can spread. We need a collective commitment among countries to combat it,” she told reporters at her office.

“Indonesia is this year’s ASEAN chair. That is why Jakarta will be the host,” she said.

The ministry will host an ASEAN conference to discuss issues related to dengue on June 13 with an anticipated 150 participants from 10 countries. “The conference will create an agreement among countries titled ‘The Jakarta Call for Action on Combating Dengue’,” she said.

The official launch will be held at the National Monument on Wednesday, June 15. (lfr)

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