Ba'asyir supporters stream
flock to court to hear

Hundreds of supporters of Abu Bakar Ba'asyir were seen waiting from early on Thursday morning outside South Jakarta District Court to support the firebrand cleric in his final hearing.

The supporters, dressed in traditional Muslim garb, were greeted with extra-tight security provided by the police and military.

Upon entering the court parking area, the supporters were seen sitting on the ground while police officers circled to monitor them.

The supporters, sometimes yelling out praises to God, were able to following the court proceedings via a huge speaker placed just outside courthouse doors.

Only a few of Ba'asyir supporters were allowed to enter the court, including one of Ba'asyir's sons.

During the hearing on Thursday, Ba'asyir is scheduled to hear the verdict on his alleged involvement in suspected terrorist training activities in Aceh.

Prosecutors have demanded he serve life imprisonment, for allegedly plotting and inciting others to fund the terrorist activities in Aceh. (awd)

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