Ruyati's daughter plans
to press charges against
recruitment co

Efi Kurniati, the daughter of recently executed Indonesian migrant worker Ruyati binti Satubi, says she plans to press charges against PT Dasa Graha Utama, a recruitment company that organized employment for Ruyati in Saudi Arabia.

“I will press charges immediately, as the company made no effort to take responsibility [for Ruyati] .

According to Efi, at her age Ruyati should have been ineligible to be sent abroad as a domestic worker, adding that Dasa Graha had falsified this information in its documents.

"How did my mother get through? PT Dasa is at fault [because] they falsified her data. They registered my mother as being 11 years younger than she was," Efi told The Jakarta Post on Monday.

“This was an obvious violation of the placement agreement.”

Efi added that Ruyati was contracted to worked at the residence of a man named Umar, but in reality had worked at the residence of his younger brother, Ipat.

Ruyati had left Indonesia to work in Saudi Arabia in August 2008. It was the third time she had been placed there, having traveled to there for the same purpose in 1998 and 2003.

Ruyati appeared in a Saudi court in May 2010, having been charged with murdering her employer's wife. She was executed by beheading on Saturday, without prior notice having been sent to her family.

The government also said it was not notified by Saudi Authorities of the schedule for the execution. (awd)

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