Bandung introduces women-only

Official Bandung bus operator Damri on Tuesday launched two air-conditioned buses that only serve women passengers.

“As of today, [Damri] operates two buses plying the Cibiru-Kebon Kalapa route from 6:30 a.m. These buses have a female crew,” Damri Bandung chief Sadiyo said Tuesday as quoted by tribunnews.com.

Sadiyo added that at this stage the drivers of the buses were men since his office had not received any applications from women to take on that role.

The women-only buses were introduced in response to a request from Damri passengers, he added.

“Many women passengers complained that they felt uncomfortable traveling on the same buses as men,” he said, adding that this was understandable given Bandung's religious traditions separating men and women.

“We will add more [women-only] buses to the fleet should the need arise,” he said.

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