88 percent of logging illegal:

Citing a Greenpeace study, the Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) said on Wednesday that up to 88 percent of the logging activities in Indonesia were illegal.

“From the aspect of state losses, according to the Supreme Audit Agency, the state suffers at least Rp 30.3 trillion [US$3.51 billion] in losses per year [due to illegal logging]. Not to mention the ecological impacts,” ICW researcher Donal Fariz said.

He also cited numerous forestry-related corruption cases involving heads of regional administrations, and called for serious actions to tackle the illegal logging.

“We cannot play down illegal logging. It is not an ordinary crime. In terms of [the number of] perpetrators and the amount of state losses, it is very alarming,” Donal said in Palangkaraya as quoted by Antara news agency.

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