Indonesian allegedly murdered
in Saudi Arabia

Nani Suryani, a 20-year-old Indonesian maid from Karawang, West Java, may have been murdered by her employer in January while working in Saudi Arabia, a lawmaker revealed in Jakarta on Thursday.

“Nani Suryani died in January 2011, but her family was only notified [by the Foreign Ministry] on June 20, 2011. And that is only after her sponsor delivered the information three days earlier,” Rieke Diah Pitaloka, member of the House of Representatives' Commission IX overseeing manpower and transmigration, said during a hearing at the House.

“The Foreign Ministry has confirmed Nani Suryani's death and said there were indications she was murdered by her employer. The ministry said her female employer had been arrested, which indicated a criminal act,” she added.

Rieke urged the government to investigate the cause of Nani's death and pursue justice, if the migrant worker had indeed been murdered.

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