Four robbers rob PT. ABC
warehouse in Tangerang

Four robbers robbed a warehouse belonging to PT Arta Boga Cemerlang (ABC) on Jl. Hasyim Ashari, Cipondoh, Tangerang, Banten, at dawn on Monday.

The robbery occurred at around 3 a.m. The robbers climbed over 2-meter surrounding gates to enter the warehouse and pointed their guns at two security guards, Robert and Deni.

The thieves reportedly took their loot from the warehouse and fled.

Cipondoh Police chief Comr. Arlon Sitinjak said the police had also questioned two cashiers, Edward Rudianto and Darmini, in relation to the robbery.

“The cashiers told us the robbers stole Rp 55 million worth,” Arlon said.

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