National Police says it
has suspect in election
forgery case

The National Police says it has ascertained at least one suspect in connection with an alleged document forgery linked to the 2009 election, but has declined to mention their name(s) or say how many of them their are.

"Yes, we have the suspect[s]. However, I'm sorry because I can't name them. Don't ask me how many [suspects] there are," National Police deputy chief detective Insp. Gen. Mathius Salempang said on Thursday.

Mathius, however, hinted that the suspect was from the Constitutional Court.

"We have tried to trace the source of the forged document, which was in the Constitutional Court,” Mathius said. “However, it doesn't mean we are not investigating other places, such as the General Elections Commission [KPU]."

On Tuesday, police questioned four people from the Constitutional Court as witnesses. In the investigations so far, police have questioned 19 people.
The forgery of a Constitutional Court election document allegedly involved former KPU member and now Democratic Party politician Andi Nurpati, former court judge Arsyad Sanusi and several other people.

Based on the letter, the KPU awarded a House of Representatives seat to Dewi Yasin Limpo, a politician from the People's Conscience Party (Hanura).

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