TNI sends more soldiers
to Lebanon

The Indonesian Military (TNI) says it will increase the number of soldiers it is dispatching to Lebanon for the UN’s Unfil peacekeeping mission.

A total of 1,243 TNI soldiers comprising three task forces will be sent to Lebanon to replace 1,018 soldiers who have been in the country for a year.

The soldiers began a one-month preparatory training at the Army’s Infantry Education Center in Cipatat, Bandung on Thursday.

The TNI’s chief operating assistant, Maj. Gen. Hambali Hanafiah, told the soldiers they should be proud of their assignment.

“All soldiers must feel proud because the Garuda Contingents, wherever they are assigned, have always secured praise and positive recognitions from not only the UN, but also other countries,” Hambali said, as quoted by Antara.

Garuda Contingents are the names of TNI contingents assigned to UN peacekeeping missions.

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