Nikita Willy gets Rp 3.4b
Cadillac for birthday

Nikita Willy: (kapanlagi.com/Budi Juwono)
Nikita Willy (kapanlagi.com/Budi Juwono)

Actress Nikita Willy on Monday received a white Cadillac Escalade ESV worth Rp 3.4 billion (US$397,800) from her parents for her 17th birthday.

“It's a bit of a surprise. My friends threw me a surprise party on June 29, and today [I got another surprise] with mom and dad,” Nikita said as quoted by kapanlagi.com at Rolling Stone Cafe in Kemang, South Jakarta, on Monday.

Nikita said she would not drive the US-made automobile on her own, but would hire a driver.

“I am allowed to drive as I am now 17 years old, but even though I have a driving license, the driver will take the car," she said.

“I am really happy my mom knew what I really wanted.”

The license plate for the vehicle is B 94 IKI.


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