Anas' lawyers file charges
against Nazaruddin for

Lawyers for the ruling Democratic Party chairman Anas Urbaningrum visited police headquarters on Tuesday to file charges against the party's former treasurer, M. Nazaruddin, for defamation.

"We, Anas Urbaningrum’s lawyers, state that information from M. Nazaruddin, which was circulated via BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), is defamation," one of the lawyers, Arief Patra M. Zen, said, reading a press release.

Patra said that Anas supported police and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to investigate the allegation of bribery surrounding the construction of an athletes’ dormitory for the SEA Games 2011.

"The chairman of the Democratic Party also supports printed and electronic media to provide correct, honest and factual news related to the case," Patra added.

Patra cited laws stipulating that anyone distributing documents or other material consisting of defamation could be charged with up to six years imprisonment or a fine of Rp 1 billion.

"If someone can't prove that the information came from Nazaruddin, we warn them to stop (distributing defamatory comments)," Patra said.

Nazaruddin has accused Anas of accepting Rp 2 billion from legislator Mirwan Amir in a bribery case linked to the construction of a dormitory for athletes attending the SEA Games 2011.Nazaruddin also said that Anas embezzled another Rp 7 billion that was supposed to be allocated to the media.

Ruhut Sitompul, a member of the Democratic Party who accompanied the lawyers, said that the charges showed the party's commitment to fight corruption. "The Democratic Party is not playing around at eradicating corruption, even corruption that involves our members," Ruhut said. (rcf)

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