Immigration requests ASEAN's
help with Nazaruddin

The Immigration Directorate General has requested help from fellow ASEAN countries in the hunt for bribery suspect M. Nazaruddin, whose whereabouts were currently unknown by the government.

“We have sent a letter to all ASEAN countries,” Immigration Director General Bambang Irawan said on Monday.

Nazaruddin, the former Democratic Party treasurer, left the country before the Corruption Eradication Commission named him a suspect in the 2011 SEA Games bribery scandal.

Nazaruddin was reportedly in Singapore, but the Singaporean government stated that Nazaruddin had left the country in mid-June. Nazaruddin reportedly flew to Vietnam on May 20.

Bambang added that the immigration office has not received information on Nazaruddin's whereabouts after he left for Vietnam.

“We have clearly revoked his passport,” he said as reported by tempointeraktif.com.

“So he is supposedly unable to return to Singapore,” he said, adding that the immigration office has not received information on whether Nazaruddin is traveling with a false passport.

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