Former cannibal craves

Sumanto, a reformed cannibal, says he is hungry for love and is pining for a wife who can satisfy his appetite.

Sumanto, who is currently being rehabilitated, said he wanted a bride who was a skilled cook. Simanto was imprisoned for five years for stealing and eating the corpse of an old woman in 2003. He was freed in 2006 after receiving a sentence remission.

"The most important thing is that [she] is a woman and can cook," he said on Thursday at the Mental Asylum and Drug Rehabilitation Center run by Supono Mustajab in Purbalingga, Central Java.

He added that he longed for a woman who was religiously devout and capable in child-rearing.

"She does not have to be beautiful. What's important is that she can take care of me and my children," he said as reported by tempointeraktif.com.

However, he said he would not be disappointed if his wife resembled dangdut singer Dewi Perssik, who is famous for her hip-swiveling dancing.

"I were given someone like Dewi Perssik, I would not refuse," he said.

Asylum head Supono, who has been caring for Sumanto for seven years, said Sumanto had begged him to find a wife for him.

"He starts whining when he has nothing to do," Supono said.

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