More than a child’s playground

What do you get when you mix fashion with blogs? The popular fashion blogs, created by novices and professionals alike, of course.

Meet Tavi Gevinson, a 15-year-old who has become an international sensation after starting her fashion blog back in March 2008, during her pre-teen years. The owner of www.thestylerookie.com who lives in Chicago, Illinois, US – has taken the world of fashion by storm with her quirky and out of the box style.

Although she described her blog as just an online diary mixed with scrapbooks, she receives 35,000 visitors per day, according to www.glamour.com. She has also caught the eyes of international fashion designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Rodarte.

She was also invited to Fashion Weeks in New York and Paris and sat next to Anna Wintour, the infamous Vogue US editor, and has been featured in various media.

Tavi became interested in fashion after reading other fashion blogs in 2008 and decided to create one afterward. Her style might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and some people consider her not stylish at all – but that is what she is all about.

As she wrote on her blog, “The general voice of my blog has been very much against the idea of those [or, in a way, any] standards for a long time, maybe not in so many words, but definitely in spirit.”

Through those words she was describing her ideas of breaking standard beauty or sexy definitions, especially for a 15-year-old American girl, who would usually opt for sexier clothes trying to look mature.

Her blog takes us to view outside mainstream fashion, and more into Tavi’s personal eclectic style and likings. You will also be surprised by how well and mature her writings are for a 15-year-old – as she is able to express her thoughts deeply through her engaging and poetic words.

The next young fashion blogger prodigy is Evita Nuh, owner of the blog www.jellyjellybeans.blogspot.com. She is an Indonesian who is just three years younger than Tavi, but has an exceptional talent and passion for fashion.

Blogging by the age of nine, she has gained national and international readers, even her Facebook page has more than 3,500 likes.

When you visit Evita’s blog, you can tell that her style is far different from Tavi. She is more playful and chooses a more classic look – although the two both love to experiment a lot with their style.

It is always fun to see Evita’s outfit photos, because they are taken and edited professionally by her two sisters. A lot of her devoted readers turn her outfit photo into pretty drawings and illustrations that she also proudly displays on her blog.

Evita’s blog and her personal style have been featured in so many magazines, blogs and other media, local and international. Her blog success does not end in being featured in various media – she has even collaborated with a local designer by launching her own clothing collection called Little Nuh, for pre-teens to teens and is available at The Goods Dept. in Plaza Indonesia, 4th floor.

Tavi and Evita might still be in their tender teen years – you might like or dislike them, but their passion and creativity, proves that young talents like them should be taken seriously and the blogosphere is an enriching playground.

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