Free Idul Fitri greeting
cards anyone?

The popularity of greeting cards has been declining amid the rapid development of information technology tools such as email and text messages.

Ten years ago, people posted hundred of thousands of Idul Fitri greeting cards at the Jatinegara Post Office in the lead up to the celebrations, Jatinegara Post Office logistics communication supervisor Suhardi said.

Nowadays, the post office receives no more than 5,000 greeting cards during that time of year.

“The decline started five years ago,” he said as reported by tempointeraktif.com.

To tackle the condition, big post offices have set up a special stand called the “Lebaran Corner”, where people can get greeting cards for free.

Suhardi added that the Lebaran Corner was established with an aim to get people to visit the post office.

“I sure hope they do,” he said.

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