Libyan diplomats side with

As long-entrenched Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi counts the hours, more and more ministers, loyalists, officials and soldiers are expressing full support for the February 17th Revolution.

One of the latest defectors was the Libyan Embassy in Jakarta, whose members shifted their loyalty en masse from Qaddafi to the rebel-led National Transitional Council (TNC).

“The members of the Libyan Embassy in Jakarta congratulate and greet the beautiful victory of the February 17th Revolution,” Libyan Embassy charge d’affaires Abdussamee E.M. Harb told The Jakarta Post in an exclusive interview on Monday.

“We strongly support the National Transitional Council. We would like to put ourselves at the disposal of the TNC for serving this great revolution and its goals”.

The February 17th Revolution was named after the “Day of Rage”, the beginning of protests against Qaddafi’s brutal regime that killed thousands of Libyan over the last four decades.  

In a clear sign of the collapse of Qaddafi’s regime, Abdussamee said that Libyan Prime Minister Al Baghdadi Ali Al-Mahmohdi had also left Libya on Sunday and was now in Jaraba, Tunisia.

“We have received reports that our prime minister has left Libya and now he is in Tunisia,” Abdussamee said.  

The Libyan Embassy in Jakarta — especially Ambassador Salaheddin M. El Bishari — has been on the front lines opposing Qaddafi’s brutal actions.  

Just five days after the Feb. 17th Revolution, El Bishari denounced the regime and tendered his resignation in protest. He was one of the first senior officials to raise the flag of revolt.  

“Soldiers are killing unarmed civilians mercilessly, using heavy weaponry, fighter jets and mercenaries against its own people. It is not acceptable,” the usually stolid El Bishari said at that time.

“I have had enough of it. I don’t tolerate it anymore.”

Though the Libyan Revolution claimed many lives and lasted for months, Libyans are closer than ever to gaining their freedom.  

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