Dewi Persik starring in
‘Virgin Ghost’ film

JAKARTA: As a film star, Dewi Persik is best known for her roles in Indonesian horror films for the 17-and-over crowd.

But this coming October, Dewi will be in a film that also features a foreign, X-rated movie star, kapanlagi.com reported.

“Ya, the film Boyfriend of a Virgin Ghost is coming out. Even though I’m in the film with a porn star that doesn’t mean it’s a porno. There is romance but still within the strictures of Indonesian films,” she said.

Dewi said she was proud to be in a film with a foreign star. “For me, acting with a foreign actor or whoever is not a problem. What is important is that it’s not a porn film. It’s a horror/comedy,” she said.

According to Dewi, the film contains a moral message.

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