Women protest Fauzi’s
rape advice

A group of women wearing miniskirts staged a protest at the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle in Central Jakarta on Sunday in response to Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo’s recent statement blaming women’s clothing for sparking sexual assault.

“We feel threatened by the words of public officials regarding miniskirts. They should be giving responses that protect rape victims,” said Faiza Mardzoeki, spokeswoman of the Alliance of Women Rejecting Rape, who participated in the demonstrations.

Although Fauzi publicly apologized for his statement, the protest was held to showcase the group’s stance on rape, she added.

“This is a lesson for all public officials in the country. Don’t ever blame women and discriminate on the way we are dressed in a rape case,” she said.

The protestors, around 50 in total, shouted and chanted, brandishing posters with slogans such as “Don't Tell Us How to Dress, But Tell Them Not to Rape” and “My Mini Skirt, My Right, Foke You.”

Fauzi recently advised women against wearing provocative clothes while riding public transportation in order to avoid being raped.

His statement came after recent gang rape cases on public minivans, including the rape of a Binus University student who was subsequently killed.

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