Jailed female impersonator
gets conditional leave

Rahmat Sulistyo aka Icha, who made headlines for falsifying documents and claiming to be a woman in order to marry a man, was released on parole on Tuesday after serving six of an eight-month prison sentence at Bulak Kapal prison in Bekasi, West Java.

"I am free after I received a successive conditional leave of around two months from Bulak Kapal prison," Rahmat said Friday.

He added that he was glad to be free again.

"I will try to be man again," he said, as quoted by tempointeraktif.com.

Rahmat added that he was also seeking employment.

He was imprisoned after Umar, who married Rahmat in 2010, discovered that Rahmat was in fact a man. Umar then filed charges against Rahmat, who he had met via Facebook.

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