Pamhlets containing hate
messages found at ATM blast

bomber pamphlet (kompas.com)
bomber pamphlet (kompas.com)

Pamphlets with inflammatory messages against the state, businesses, police and military were found at the scene of an explosion at an ATM in Sleman, Yogyakarta, early on Friday morning.

The pamphlets accused the state, corporate world, police and military of being terrorists.

"There will never be peace between them, the haves. Attacks against financial centers: ATMs, banks, corporate buildings are important targets because they are some of the collaborators in causing suffering on the face of the earth," the pamphlet reads as reported by kompas.com.

The pamphlet also carries the seal, "Long Live Luciano Tortuga Cell-International Revolutionary Front - FAI".

The police also found a press card with "Indonesian News" inscribed on it.

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