Halimah launches new attack
against ex Bambang Trihatmodjo

Halimah Agustina Kamil (kapanlagi.com)
Halimah Agustina Kamil (kapanlagi.com)

Pop singer Mayangsari better watch out because the the ex-wife of her husband, Bambang Trihatmodjo, has just launched an attempt to annul the marriage between Mayangsari and Bambang.

Bambang’s former wife Halimah (see the photo) has filed a request at the Constitutional Court to carry out a judicial review of the 1974 law on marriage. If the court grants the review, Halimah would request that the marriage between Bambang who is also a son of former president Soeharto, and Mayangsari be annulled.

"I agree with Halimah, who is seeking a positive [response] from what we are requesting. Positive on the note that we win the request so that the marriage between Bambang and Halimah could be annulled," Chairunissa Jafisman, Halimah's attorney, said.

Halimah has undergone several hearings at the court, who is also questioning several expert witnesses.

"I think that all the witness who we have proposed support our request," Chairunissa added, kapanlagi.com reported on Wednesday.

Mayangsari was in the center of Bambang and Halimah's stormy divorce and long-drawn divorce process. Mayangsari was widely reported as the second wife of Bambang whom he has a daughter with.—JP

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