Lawmaker urges RI to recognize
new Libya government

A lawmaker has urged the government to immediately recognize Libya’s new government under the National Transitional Council (NTC) of Libya, following the death of its 42-year ruler, Moammar Qaddafi, yesterday.

“Our recognition will be seen as our full support for the Libyan people’s struggle to bring democracy to their country. Why should we wait another day to do it?” Helmi Fauzi from the House’ security commission said Thursday as quoted by tempointeraktif.com.

He added that as a country that had undergone significant changes since Soeharto's New Order authoritarian regime and embraced democracy a decade ago, Indonesia could be more sensitive toward this need.

“We could offer [Libya] assistance through this transition so they can safeguard their internal political-shift peacefully,” he said.

Former Libya leader Moammar Qaddafi was shot to death by NTC soldiers yesterday while in hiding in his hometown of Sirte. The death brought mixed feelings. Many Libyans were pleased that Qaddafi’s oppressive rule has been brought to an end. At the same time many Libyans were also worried about the country’s future and hoping it will not follow the same path as Iraq, where troubles emerge following the death of Saddam Hussein.

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