Dhani, Maia blame each
other for son’s drinking

The relationship of rock star Ahmad Dhani and former wife Maia Estianty is heating up again after a photo showing their son Ahmad Al Gazali (Al) drinking alcohol was circulated on the Internet.

Dhani said Maia was responsible for Al’s bad behavior because the picture was taken at his mother’s house.

“It may be okay if he did it at his friend’s place, but it happened at his mother’s house. I just could not take it,” the 39-year-old told kompas.com.

Refusing to take all the blame, Maia said Dhani was the reason their 14-year-old son was drinking alcohol.

According to the singer, his son was depressed after seeing Dhani with another woman.

Dhani and Maia were happily married for 14 years and had three sons before separating in 2008. Dhani is currently dating Maia’s former singing partner, Mulan Jameela, and they are rumored to have a child together.

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