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Letter: Orangutans, RIP

I appeal to my fellow Indonesian citizens to help us save orangutans from Malaysian palm oil companies.

Recently, just one Malaysian palm oil company in East Kalimantan exterminated several dozen orangutans, a species legally protected under our own laws, and the company knew about it. Elsewhere in Central Kalimantan, another Malaysian palm oil company is trying to destroy a pristine rainforest and it contains 2,500 orangutans.

If we are to save anything of our forests, indigenous people and our wildlife for future generations to see and appreciate, we need to act fast.

Do you want to be telling your children and grandchildren there are no orangutans left because you did nothing while Malaysian palm oil companies got richer at their expense?

The choice is yours.

The time to take action is now. There is very little time left.

Please, will YOU help us save our forests and orangutans from the Malaysians?

Hardi Baktiantoro

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