'Bollywood cop’ Norman
officially dismissed from

“Bollywood cop” Norman Kamaru, 25, was officially and “dishonorably” discharged from his corps, the Gorontalo Police mobile brigade unit, on Tuesday after skipping his duties for a period of 85 days.

The decision was made during an ethics code trial hearing, presided over by Adj. Sr. Comr. Mahmur at the Gorontalo Police office, Antara reported.

Norman was declared guilty of an ethics violation for skipping his duties as a member of the corps for 85 days since Aug. 1.

The Tuesday trial session was the third, after Norman and his parents failed to fulfill the summons to attend the first and second hearings earlier scheduled.

They also failed to make an appearance at the Tuesday session.

Norman rose into fame after a video of him lip-syncing and dancing to a Bollywood tune went viral on YouTube.

He recently tendered his resignation to his corps after signing a contract worth Rp 1 billion (US$110,000) with mobile content developer company PT Falcon Interactive.

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