Indonesians accessing mobile
web more than watching
TV: research

Latest research shows that 36 percent, or around 40 million Indonesians, prefer to access the mobile web, for five hours on average daily, compared to another 27 percent who prefer watching television.

Furthermore, the research also found that mobile phones have become people’s constant companions as 69 percent of the surveyed respondents preferred to surf the Internet while lying in bed, closely followed by 35 percent of those who like to surf while waiting for something.

“For Indonesians, mobile web time is fun and alone time. This is likely eating into print media,” James Lamberti, vice president for global research and marketing at Inmobi, the country's second largest mobile web advertising agency, told The Jakarta Post recently.

The research also revealed the main reasons for using the devices, 52 percent of respondents mentioning convenience and 43 percent citing privacy as the reasons why people love surfing the Internet through their mobile devices.

“Mobile Internet offers a great level of convenience. It is easy to operate. Besides, it has become part of our life right now. It allows us some privacy,”

He said that in fact, for 82 percent of the respondents, mobile phones had become their primary source for accessing the Internet.

He went on that the research was performed in order to see the impact of mobiles on media consumption.

The research was conducted in cooperation with Decisionfuel; globally and simultaneously in 14 key markets in Asia, Africa, Europe, North and Latin America, including China, Brazil, India and Indonesia from September to November.

As many as 16,000 respondents globally participated in the survey, 1,077 of whom were Indonesians.

When asked about Indonesians’ favorite websites, James said that the research found that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and some entertainment websites still ranked top of the list.

“In fact for the next 12 months, people are still going to use mobile web to access social media like Facebook and Twitter and to seek entertainment materials,” he said.

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