Self-immolating student
buried today

The remains of Sondang Hutagalung, a student who set himself on fire in an anti-government protest, is laid to rest at Pondok Kelapa cemetery in East Jakarta on Sunday noon.

“We will bury him at Pondok Kelapa cemetery at noon, after a wake at his campus and his home,” Sondang’s brother, Bob Crispianza Hutagalung, said before the burial on Sunday, as quoted by tempo.co.

The burial was attended by hundreds of people, including Sondang's friends and fellow activists.

Sondang died on Saturday afternoon after a week in intensive care at Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital in Central Jakarta.

The 22 year old, who was in the class of 2007 of the Bung Karno University’s Law School, set himself ablaze in front of the Merdeka Palace on Dec. 7.

Sondang was the youngest of four children of taxi driver Victor Hutagalung and homemaker Dame Sipahutar.

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