KPK to examine Artha Graha’s
audit report

Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) deputy chief Busyro Muqoddas says the KPK has requested that the central bank grant access to examine Artha Graha Bank’s audit report in relation to a bribery case on the 2004 senior deputy governor election process.

“We believe that the audit report could be a significant lead for our investigation later on,” Busyro said on Wednesday as quoted by tempo.co.

A field investigator who requested anonymity said that the KPK was pursuing the masterminds of the bribery that had seen 26 public officials and former public officials sentenced in a graft court.

“We are going to find out who gave the order to purchase those 480 traveler's checks, which finally ended up in officials’ hands as bribe money,” the investigator said.

The court has revealed that Artha Graha had purchased 480 traveler's checks and handed them down to PT First Mujur Plantation and Industry. However, these checks ended up in Nunun Nurbaetie’s hands before they were given to officials as bribe money to assist the win of Miranda Swaray Goeltom as Bank Indonesia senior deputy governor in 2004.

Artha Graha’s lawyer, Otto Hasibuan, confirmed that it was Artha Graha that ordered the purchase but then denied that the checks were used to bribe officials.

“These checks were issued as part of the bank’s daily business and had nothing to do with the bribery case,” he said.(dic)

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