Indonesian maid brutally
raped in Saudi Arabia

The homicidal investigation unit of the Makkah police found an Indonesian housemaid allegedly beaten and raped at Al-Jabal checkpoint on the Makkah-Laith coastal road.

The Indonesian maid, in her 20s, was reportedly beaten and raped by seven drunken men, the police said on Tuesday, arabnews.com reported.

The police said the maid was under a sponsor in Makkah and had left the sponsor’s place with a young man to have illicit sex at his friend's apartment in Jeddah.

According to the police, the two men asked five other friends to meet them at a certain place on the Makkah-Laith road where they participated in the illicit act.

"The two men bought alcohol from Jeddah and met with their other five friends at their rendezvous point, where they all alternately raped the woman and finally dumped her along the road," the police said.

It added that the woman was found by the police early morning on Tuesday, totally fatigued and unable to walk.

The woman was rushed to the maternity and child hospital at Jarwal district in Makkah. Police have started a massive hunt to track down the seven suspects.

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