Sumber Kencono admits slack
management in bus crash

Private bus operator PO Sumber Kencono conceded on Tuesday that it had been careless in monitoring the license of its driver, Agus Widodo, who drove the bus that crashed in Madiun, East Java, on Sunday, killing six passengers.

Sumber Kencono field coordinator Sunar said that, while driving the ill-fated bus, Agus did not have a driver’s license, but only kept a copy of a ticket he had previously signed after being ticketed in Sragen, Central Java for breach of road procedures.

Sunar said, however, that management had been oblivious to what had occurred because Agus had not reported the incident.

“He should have reported and asked for permission to the management to attend a court fine-ticket,” he said Tuesday, as quoted by tempo.co.

Sunar explained that the case with Agus was not a one-off incident, saying that not all drivers abide by management rules.

“There are always some [drivers] who are afraid to report because they fear that they might be punished,” he said.

As previously reported, six people died and 23 others were injured in a high-speed collision incident involving a Sumber Kencono bus and a motorbike in Madiunon early on Sunday morning.

Police have named Agus a suspect in the accident. (awd)

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