Central Sulawesi police
chief accused of lying

A member of the Central Sulawesi Commission for Children’s Protection, Sofyan Farid Lembah, has accused Central Sulawesi Police chief Brig. Gen. Dewa Parsana of lying about an officer who allegedly beat a 15-year-old student.

The student, identified only as A.A.L., was at the time under police custody allegedly due to stealing a pair of sandals belonging to a police officer.

“The [Central Sulawesi] Police chief has lied. I have a copy of [A.A.L.’s] results from the hospital. A.A.L was severely injured because he was assaulted by a police officer,” said Sofyan.

Separately, Dewa dismissed that allegation, saying his officer only “pushed” A.A.L. and that it was the boy’s parents who wanted to bring the case to court.

“It is their [A.A.L.’s parents’] own request to forward the case to court,” said Dewa told a press conference on Friday.

But A.A.L.’s father, Ebert Nicholas Lagaronda, said that no one from his family had ever wanted to bring the case to court.

He said it all began when he filed a criminal report with the police stating that a police officer had beaten up A.A.L.

“The police officer [who assaulted A.A.L.] threatened to bring the stealing case to court because I filed a report about the assault with the police. So, I told him: ‘Please, do so. But that doesn’t mean it is I who ask you to do that’,” Ebert said.

Sofyan urged the National Police chief to dismiss Dewa from his post.

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