Manado – Davao flight
route to be opened

The Philippines tourism minister and Indonesia’s North Sulawesi governor have agreed to open a direct flight connecting Davao in the Philippines and Manado in North Sulawesi, an official says.

Head of Indonesian delegation I Gusti Putu Laksaguna said on Thursday that both parties hoped to realize the plan in the near future.

“Both parties thought that they should sign a memorandum of understanding on tourism because they've never had one. Therefore, they are going to establish a working group that will meet first in Bandung [West Java] in April,” Laksaguna said after a bilateral meeting between the two countries’ delegates at the ASEAN Tourism Forum in Manado.

He cited that both archipelagic countries had also agreed to develop cruise tourism.

“Cruise tourism is promising yet challenging,” Laksaguna said, adding that the Philippine tourism minister had also agreed to support Indonesia in building its capacity in developing the creative economy.

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