Pelindo IV needs Rp 150b
to expand Soekarno-Hatta

State-owned seaport operator PT Pelindo IV needs Rp 150 billion (US$ 16.3 million) to fund the expansion of the cargo dock at the Soekarno-Hatta port in Makassar, South Selawesi.

Pelindo IV president director Harry Sutanto said Thursday that the dock’s expansion was aimed at reducing the queuing times for cargo ships moored at the port.

At least two ships had to wait every day for their turn to dock at the port due to the port’s limited capacity.

“The expansion is expected to be completed within eight months,” he said as quoted by tribunnews.com, adding that the company was planning to expand the dock to 150x30 square meters.

Makassar Deputy Mayor Ilham Arief Sirajuddin said he hoped the expansion would help increase the frequency of transactions at the port. (drs/mtq)

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