Former Nusakambangan warden
gets 13 years for aiding
prison drug ring

Marwan Adli: (Antara/Idhad Zakaria)
Marwan Adli: (Antara/Idhad Zakaria)

The former warden of the Narcotics Penitentiary on Nusakambangan Island – Indonesia’s Alcatraz – has been convicted of aiding a drug ring operating inside his prison.

The Cilacap District Court in Central Java sentenced Marwan Adli on Thursday evening to 13 years’ imprisonment for aiding a drug ring operated by one of his prisoners and of money laundering.

“Defendant Marwan Adli, in his position as a penitentiary warden, has been found guilty of facilitating a criminal act of narcotics trading that was controlled by prisoner Hartoni. This is surely a gross violation,” chief judge Wilhelmus Hubertus said when reading the verdict.

The sentence was lighter than the 20 years asked for by prosecutors, although the court ordered Marwan to pay a Rp 10 billion (US$1.09 million) fine, greater than the Rp 1 billion specified in the indictment.

Marwan vowed to appeal.

“I feel that this sentence is too much for me. I think that there were documents that were not considered by the panel of judges. That is why I will appeal,” he said.

Marwan was arrested in March by agents of the National Narcotics Agency and interrogated in Jakarta before returning to Cilacap for his trial.

Prison sentences were also handed down on Marwan’s accomplices, Nusakambangan’s former prison security chief Iwan Syaefudin and former education chief Fob Budiyono.

Marwan’s son, Andhika Permana Dirgantara, and grandchildren Dhiko Aldila and Rinal Kormial also received prison sentences for their roles in the drug ring. (awd/mtq)

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