KPK urged to probe graft
allegations involving Jakarta
traffic police

The Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) has asked the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to investigate allegations of illegal funds at the Jakarta traffic police directorate.

“IPW has encouraged the KPK to prove allegations of corruption and vehicle tax manipulation, which has potentially caused hundreds of billions in state loses at the Jakarta traffic police directorate,” IPW Chairman Neta S. Pane said in a press statement as quoted by kompas.com on Tuesday.

He said that the IPW had gathered evidence indicating vehicle tax manipulation conducted using several different methods, including paying bribes to police officers for vehicle registration documents (STNK).

IPW said it was possible for people to acquire a new STNK without necessary documents as long if they were willing to pay to Rp 250,000 (US$27) plus a bribe of around Rp 150,000.

For a STNK for automobiles, people spend up to Rp 750,000 in addition to a Rp 250,000 fee for the officers. These fees are not governed by the 2009 law on traffic and transportation. (iwa/dic)

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