'IndonesiaTanpaFPI' continues
to fight violence

This April 12, 2006, file photo shows members of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) rioting in front of the offices of Playboy Indonesia in Jakarta.(JP/R.Berto Wedhatama)

Civil rights activists grouped under 'IndonesiaTanpaFPI' (Indonesia without FPI) will continue its campaign against violent groups, urging law enforcers to take stern against the groups.

Speaking in a press conference at Jakarta Legal Aid building on Sunday, the activists' spokesperson Mariana Amirudin said the campaigns againts the violent groups should be conducted peacefully.

"We don't want to disolve FPI, but want to end violence," Mariana said.

FPI or Islam Defender Front is a group which often committed violence during their actions.

More than one hundred activists staged a rally on Feb. 14 at Hotel Indonesia traffic circle to reject FPI and violence.

Three men, later identified as FPI, grabbed a banner and beat one of the activists.

"We asked police to probe the beating against our friend," Mariana said.

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