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Professional killers blog:

Most high-profile mafia members may want to keep a low profile while conducting their illegal transactions. But that is not the case with some self-proclaimed professional killers in Indonesia.

Unknown men identifying themselves as “professional assassins” openly offer their services through the blogs, (translated as professional-assasin.blogspot.com) and hitmanindonesia.wordpress.com. However, the latter website has been deactivated by Wordpress administrators because “the blog has been archived or suspended for a violation”.

“I started this business three years ago. [The reason] was easy … because of financial problems,” the author of pembunuh-bayaran.blogpost.com posted late last year.

“I put up advertisements for my services, just for fun. But jobs did come to me,” he wrote.

The writer later told his story about receiving his first task to kill a man who had allegedly had an affair with his client’s wife in May 2009.

“The target was a banker in Bandung [West Java],” he wrote. The client then gave him a photograph of the target, an address and Rp 5 million (US$550).

“I was shaking when receiving that amount of money. I could’ve just run away after I took the money, I thought. But destiny said otherwise. I always keep my promises,” he said without explaining the rest of the story.

The author claims his second job was to kill a businessman in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, in June 2009.

“I told my client to cover all my expenses to go there, and I asked for a big amount of money – hoping that he would cancel the job,” he wrote, “but apparently he was willing to pay the amount I demanded.”

He said that he had prepared two scenarios to kill his target: To poison the businessman at a club, or to shoot him as he left the club.

“I put the poison in his drink and watched him from proper distance. Should he die, no one would think he died from poison – people might only think he had overdosed,” the author said.

Not long after, the target collapsed. The assassin claims he then called his client to ask for his money.

On the website’s profile, the author deliberately withheld his contact information “for security reasons”. “Just send your contact details and I will contact you immediately. I will do it my way, not like other websites that take orders,” he said.

Before it was banned, the website hitmanindonesia.wordpress.com listed the author’s email address on the website, [email protected], emphasizing that “we don’t take jokes.”

National Police chief Gen. Timur Pradopo said that the police would take firm measures against the websites’ creators.

Jakarta Police’s cyber crime unit chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Audie Latuheru said that his unit had started to investigate the websites immediately after receiving reports from the West Java Police.

“If there were transactions between the service provider and the client, we can arrest and charge both parties with premeditated murder,” Audie said Thursday, pointing out that the unit traced hundreds of websites offering illegal services, ranging from prostitution to assassination, daily.

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