4 ‘Bonek’ supporters
die on the way to watch
favorite team


Four supporters of Surabaya-based Persebaya football club died on Saturday morning in the East Java cities of Lamongan and Bojonegoro after they were allegedly attacked by members of a rival group.

Ita Siti Nasyiah, coordinator for Persebaya supporters, popularly known as Bonek (bondo nekat – counting on guts), said two victims had been identified as Miftahul Huda, 14, and Sudarmaji, 25, while two others had not yet been identified.

“The two unidentified victims were not carrying ID cards,” she said Saturday.

The incident began when a group of Bonek supporters left Surabaya on Friday night on their way to Bojonegoro to support their team against Persibo Bojonegoro.

When the train entered Lamongan, a group of people, allegedly members of another supporter group, suddenly threw rocks at the supporters who were sitting on the top of the train.

Some panicked and fell from the speeding train.

Ita said that there were currently 17 injured Bonek supporters who had received treatment at local hospitals.

“According to the latest report, 13 supporters are now being treated in Bojonegoro while three others are being treated in Lamongan,” she said as quoted by tribunnews.com. (hwa/dic)

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