Deputy governor’s son
ordered drugs on WhatsApp

Jakarta police revealed on Monday that Raka Widyarma, the son of Banten Deputy Governor Rano Karno, who was arrested for of drug possession last week, ordered five ecstasy pills from a Malaysian drug seller via WhatsApp messenger, a social chat application popular on smartphones.

“He did not buy [the drugs] through the Internet; during questioning he admitted that he communicated with the Malaysian drug seller through WhatsApp,” Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr Rikwanto said as quoted by tempo.co.

The Malaysian who sold the drugs to Raka was identified as “Mr. Tan”, Rikwanto said, adding that Rano’s son first met and communicated with Tan three months ago when the former went on a holiday to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, three months ago.

After Raka went home to Indonesia, the 20-year-old then contacted Tan via WhatsApp to order the five ecstasy pills, which have subsequently been confiscated by the police. The pills ordered by Raka were smuggled inside a Federal Express (FedEx) package.

Rikwanto said that the police would probe the details of the conversation between Raka and Tan to investigate how the Malaysian ran his drug business. The police, however, would not be able to simply arrest Tan, but would rather need to cooperate with the Malaysian police to investigate Tan’s involvement in the case. “It’s their jurisdiction,” Rikwanto said. (sat)

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