Finance Minister objects
to House surprise inspection

Agus Martowardojo: Indonesian Finance Minister. Permana
Agus Martowardojo: Indonesian Finance Minister. Permana

Agus Martowardojo says that House Commission III lawmakers should not have conducted a surprise inspection of the Taxation Directorate General on Tuesday morning.

Agus made his statement at House Commission XI hearing attended by Bank Indonesia and several other government officials.

Commission III, which oversees law, was not a working partner of the tax office, and any House inspections would be better conducted by Commission XI, which oversees finance, the finance minister said.

“If it’s like this, how can we motivate the people working with us? Meanwhile we are required to reach our target,” Agus said as quoted by

Separately, Commission XI chairman Emir Moeis said that he had received only verbal notice via telephone from Commission III about the visit. (fzm/nvn)

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