KPK to use force to carry
out Mochtar verdict

Mochtar Mohammad: Bekasi Mayor. Tribunnews.com/Herudin)
Mochtar Mohammad: Bekasi Mayor. Tribunnews.com/Herudin)

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) says it will send officers to arrest Bekasi Mayor Mochtar Mohammad unless he turns himself in by Tuesday afternoon.

The Supreme Court sentenced Mochtar to six years’ imprisonment for corruption last week, overturning his acquittal by the Bandung Corruption Court.

"We are expecting [Mochtar Mohammad] to show good intentions and surrender himself to carry out the verdict. However, if he fails to come by 5 p.m we will forcibly take him [to jail]," KPK spokesman Johan Budi said as quoted by tribunnews.com.

The Supreme Court said that Mochtar was involved in four corruption cases, including paying bribes to win an Adipura clean city award, misappropriation of the Bekasi city budge and paying bribes to the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK).

State losses from the crimes were Rp 5.5 billion (US$600.7 million), according to the court.

The KPK’s plans to take Mochtar into custody following the Supreme Court’s decision were foiled after Mochtar refused to show up, saying he had yet to receive a copy of the decision. (hwa)

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