Tora Sudiro, Mieke Amalia
welcome baby daughter

Tora Sudiro and Mieke Amalia: (Kompas.com/Kristianto Purnomo)
Tora Sudiro and Mieke Amalia: (Kompas.com/Kristianto Purnomo)

Celebrity couple Tora Sudiro and Mieke Amalia are on cloud nine over the birth of their daughter, Jenaka Mahila Sudiro on Wednesday morning.

Tora uploaded a picture of their new-born daughter on Twitter just a few hours after Jenaka's birth.

“The belief that riding a bike causes impotence is not quite accurate, I guess ... Thank God my baby was born. Metal greetings” Tora posted on Twitter as quoted by tribunnews.com.

Before the baby was delivered, Mieke also used the social networking site to express her mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement.

Tora and Mieke were married on Dec. 19, 2009. They met during a joint stunt on a comedy show in a television studio. That was why Tora named his daughter Jenaka Mahila Sudiro, meaning "funny and pretty".

Both Tora and Mieke have two children each from previous marriages. (han)

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