Malaysia deported 173 troubled
Indonesian workers

At least 173 Indonesian workers, consisting of 104 men and 69 women, along with six children, have been deported from Malaysia for various legal violations, an official says.

The workers will be temporarily sheltered in Tanjungpinang, Riau.

"We will provide temporary shelter before sending them to their villages of origin," troubled migrant worker chief Juramadi Esram said in Tanjungpinang on Friday.

Juramadi said that the workers failed to show valid documents to work in Malaysia and most of them had entered Malaysia on tourist passports.

One of the workers, Ari, said that they were treated roughly during their detention in Malaysian prisons, and that their belongings were seized by the Malaysian authorities.

"Nothing's left but the clothes on our backs. Everything has been taken away by the Malaysian police," Ari said as quoted by Antara news agency.

Some workers also reportedly were caned as punishment for their legal violations.

"I had just been in Malaysia for two days when the police arrested me. They took my passport and destroyed it, and punished me with two rounds of canning," said Jemi of Medan, North Sumatra.

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