Floodwaters inundate Aceh
Jaya, isolating villages

Floodwaters inundated Aceh Jaya regency and the Banda Aceh-Meulaboh national road after heavy rainfall poured over the area, isolating dozens of villages and disrupting land transportation on the west coast of Aceh. There have not been any reports of injuries or damages thus far.

Hundreds of families were reportedly affected. Aceh Disaster Management Agency reported Sunday that the isolated villages included Pasie Tulak Bala, Rambong Payong, Pasie Pawang, Pasie Geulima and Pasie Timon. Other villages that were inundated by floodwaters included Gampong Baro, Paya Baro, Blang Baro, Teupien Ara and Tanoh Anoe.

A joint rescue team has been dispatched to the areas, kompas.com reported. (swd)

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