Parents bury infant alive
on advice from astrologer

A nine-day-old infant was buried alive by the parents on the advice of an astrologer in Hapur, in Uttar Pradesh, northern India.

Malaysia Nanban reported that the ill-advised parents had put the baby in an earthen pot and buried it three feet in the ground behind their house on April 12.

Neighbors who saw the parents repeatedly going to the burial site lodged a police report on Friday.

Police nabbed the couple after a tip-off.

Surprisingly, the baby survived.

The child was rushed to a local hospital where his condition is said to be improving.

The couple, Kiran Pal, 37, and his wife, 34, as well as astrologer Nizaam, will be charged with attempted murder.

Police said the baby was the fifth child of the couple whose four previous children had all died due to poor health or complications, either after birth or at the time of delivery.

The astrologer had reportedly assured the couple their newborn would have a long life if they put the baby in the earthen pot and buried him.

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