Malaysian protesters overturn
police car

Protesters overturned a police car in front of Sogo (The Star)
Protesters overturned a police car in front of Sogo (The Star)

A police car lost control after being attacked by protesters at Sogo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Saturday.

The incident occurred around 4.15 p.m. when a police four wheel drive and a police car drove through a crowd of protesters who threw water bottles at both vehicles, smashing their windscreens.

Although the four wheel drive managed to get to safety, the car behind it lost control and crashed into three protesters sitting by the road.

A protester climbed on to the car and beat on the hood with his hands. The protesters then overturned the vehicle.

One protester was injured and rushed to a nearby hospital while the other two escaped with minor injuries.

The policemen in the vehicle also suffered injuries and have been admitted in hospital.

KL deputy CPO Datuk Amar Singh confirmed the incident.

Meanwhile, police also tweeted that a policemen's service revolver was snatched at Sogo. However, the revolver was later recovered.

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