Java Musikindo to help
Avenged Sevenfold members
fly back home

As the promoter of American heavy metal band, Avenged Sevenfold, announced the cancellation of its Jakarta concert, the band members reportedly asked another promoter to send them home.

On her Twitter account, concert promoter Melanie Subono confirmed that on Tuesday she had helped the band members to fly back to the US.

“Luckily, we managed to get tickets for them. If we had not, maybe they would have asked to stay at my place because of the panic they were in,” she wrote on her Twitter account, @melaniesubono.

Melanie, the daughter of the Java Musikindo founder Adrie Subono, previously helped accommodate the artists during both of their previous concerts in Indonesia.

Previously, Entertainment Ranger, through its official Twitter account, @EnRanger, announced the cancellation only a few hours before the scheduled start time on Tuesday evening, citing security reasons.

Thousands of workers staged massive rallies in the heart of Jakarta on May Day, disrupting traffic and public transportation.

Commenting on this, North Utara Police Chief Sr. Comr. Muhammad Iqbal denied that the cancellation was because of “security reasons”, as claimed by the concert promoter.

“Even though there were many rallies in Jakarta on Tuesday commemorating May Day, there were no reports of violence acts. Jakarta is safe and sound, particularly North Jakarta,” he told The Jakarta Post.

Therefore, he added, the police intended to find out the true reason behind the cancellation. Right now, he said, the police were questioning nine people comprised of six ticket buyers and three concert organizer members.

Formed in 1999, the group consists of vocalist M. Shadows, lead guitarist Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance on rhythm guitar and bassist Johnny Christ. (asa/dic)

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