Cambodian forces evict
more farmers from homes

Police and soldiers have clashed with Cambodian villagers they were seeking to evict, and an activist says a girl was shot to death.

Villager Bun Ratha said hundreds of armed personnel tried to sweep out the villagers in Kratie province Wednesday morning. Authorities claim it's state land. Villagers say they received it as a concession to a Russian company for a plantation.

More than 500 villagers were being removed.

Bun Ratha said a 13-year-old girl was shot as 10 policemen tried to force a family from their house. He said she died en route to the hospital.

Cambodian National Police spokesman Lt. Gen. Kiet Chantharith said he did not know of any girl being shot dead.

Land disputes and forced evictions have prompted recent social unrest in Cambodia.

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