Finger found in Arby's

A Michigan couple said their family will no longer be eating fast food after the woman's 14-year-old son found a piece of a human finger in his Arby's sandwich.

Jamie Vail and Joe Wheaton said the woman's son, Ryan Hart, discovered the finger fragment when he bit into his Arby's junior roast beef sandwich at the Jackson restaurant and spit the object out to identify it as a piece of finger, the Jackson Citizen-Patriot reported Thursday.

Jackson Police and the Jackson County Health Department determined a worker had cut her finger on a meat slicer at the restaurant moments prior to the incident. Steve Hall, environmental health director for the Jackson County Health Department, said he believes other workers stepped in to the woman's station without being aware of what had taken place.

Vail said she has obtained a lawyer but has not yet decided on a course of action.

Wheaton said the long-term consequences of the incident are clear.

"We don't eat fast food no more," Wheaton said.

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